US Pharmacy Chain Pharmco Rx Accepts Cryptocurrency for Fast Covid Testing

Pharmco Rx is a Florida-based company for progressive care that has recently announced in its press conference that it will soon start accepting bitcoin as a form of payment for covid-19 testing. This pharmacy chain in the United States welcomes customers who want to pay with bitcoin for rapid testing services. The CEO of Progressive Care Inc. said that bitcoin is a great alternative for tourists that are coming from abroad to get the covid-19 testing services and treatment that they require.

The Company even said to that there are around 50,000 visitors that come from abroad, and they are expecting a whole lot of customers that require testing services. They have even generated a scannable QR code that customers can scan easily to make bitcoin payments and fulfill the requirements of the cryptocurrency community. This will be easy for customers as well as companies to get payments hassle-free.

US-based Progressive Care Inc. has claimed that it has become the first pharmacy that has provided its customers the option of crypto payment three years ago. Recently the company is expanding its commitment to accepting a popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Along with it, Pharmcorx is also enlarging their admittance to PCR tests that are required most by domestic and international airlines with the continuation of a covid-19 pandemic. It is a great solution for tourists post-pandemic to come to pharmacies from abroad and get their rapid testing done.

Florida-based Pharmcorx invites Bitcoin Owners

Not only is this, but Pharmcorx is also inviting bitcoin billionaire holders across the world to its locations. It is increasing its accessibility of providing rapid covid-19 testing services for global entertainment companies, international airlines, corporate employees, and chain restaurants. Only after announcing that Pharmco Rx has started accepting cryptocurrency have they been flooded with people. The company has already tested around 10,000 people and has earned around $1 million dollars as its revenue. This is what makes bitcoin currency different from fiat currencies. It opens a whole world of opportunities for companies and businesses to grow.

Bitcoin offers endless perks to its users and is helping every industry to grow in this competitive world. By the way, have you ever used any cryptocurrency to pay at the pharmacy for covid-19 fast testing? It’s the right time to make your work easier and get the testing services at your convenience.