Google Searches For Bitcoin Are On The Rise In Cuba

In a new report, it is out that bitcoin Google searches are rising in Cuba. It is showing the broad interest of Cubans in Bitcoin. With the increased search for Bitcoins, Cubans are attracted to Bitcoin and use it as a digital payment method. Cuba is seen with the high BTC interest due to the influx of activity involving BTC. Due to the high part of Cubans towards bitcoin, more and more people are searching for it. In the pandemic times, tremendous attention is paid to Bitcoin by Cubans.

As per “Google Trends” data, it is in an update that Cuba holds the second rank in the list of people interested in Bitcoin within 30 days. Along with Cuba, Nigeria is also following the trend and appears in the topmost countries looking for BTC over Google search from April 2020. Among the rest five nations in the top Google searches for Bitcoin revolution, all are the African nations, including Ghana, South Africa, and Cameroon.

A significant light is paid upon Cuban’s increasing towards Bitcoin-search on Google due to the Cubans shifting towards Bitcoin as a payment method. It is due to avoid any sanctions stated by the United States over accessing the financial sector’s services digitally. Since several payment companies online are not active for the Cubans, the pandemic situation due to coronavirus created significant restrictions that impacted payment methods.

In October 2020, a YouTuber and programmer names Erich Garcia came up with a light over Bitcoin usage. Erich urged the nation to enable Bitcoin transactions for remittances on cross-border and claim that buying bitcoins can help transfer it to the island people using a crypto exchange medium available for Cuban island- BitRemesas. In the statement, it


“We cannot get access over certain famous payment options, including Mastercard, Stripe, Union Pay, or Paypal. Not any resources are available under our accessibility. What is available by technology for us? It is Bitcoin and Blockchain!”

Mario Mazzola (Cuban-Italian origin entrepreneur) released the first exchange for decentralized Bitcoins in Cuba, named “Qbita,” in April 2020. The entrepreneur claims that Cubans can use the business to buy or sell bitcoins since other crypto exchange services are not in active status under the country. Mazzola called it a new deal that is available for Cubans.

In the recent pandemic time, crypto figures like Bitcoin came in the public figure as a much-known payment method for Cubans.

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