Is Ripple A Good Investment In 2020?

Ripple is making a huge noise in the crypto world. It is found to be a wise investment today. Ripple offers many benefits that would make an ideal choice of investment for the investors. The cryptocurrency is shaking the world in this corona pandemic. Earlier, the cryptocurrency market has made an impact, but now it is posing a severe threat and scaring the government, policymakers, and financial companies.

Even the people who are not a professional bitcoin investor are showing interest in investing in the cryptocurrency seeing the profits. In the cryptocurrency world, bitcoins are known to be the King.

Bitcoins are quite expensive across the globe. It is traded by many people and is the popular choice of technology enthusiasts. However, not just bitcoins, many other cryptocurrencies have a huge demand. Few people see flaws in the bitcoins. The investors find bitcoins to be the best alternative for their investment, especially after the current halving event. The latest crypto that has a massive demand in the market is Ripple. It is the best investment that is made by the banks.

It is famously known as XPR in the trading platform. Ripple is taking the blockchain world by storm. Many commentators are happy that Ripple is found to be the best investment. Though it is not a kind of digital currency, you can never call this as a digital currency.

Ripple is using various methods to transfer and receive the money. There is no wonder that Ripple is going to change the way money is transacted in the banks, and the businesses are carried out globally.

What is Ripple?

Ripple is a company that has come up with the Ripple Transaction Protocol (RTP). On the flip side, XRP is a kind of digital currency that would be helpful in RTXP. Basically, RTXP is the real-time payment system that allows you to transfer and receive money from the people regardless of the bank’s location or sender/receiver.

The digital asset that would make use of the Ripple network is known as XRP. When the investor is using Ripple, they must also use XRP. People who are investing in digital currency would use XRP to power Ripple. However, XRP is not useful for RTXP functionality.

Ripple is being built with strong roots to have in the digital world. People who would like to use Ripple must learn about the currency and Open coin. The Open coin allows you to carry out the digital transactions to any place across the globe. Many cryptocurrencies have gained a name for some time, such as bitcoin, bitcoin gold, Litecoin, and so on.

Ripple is used as a reliable and credible payment system that is in use since 2012. It has a massive hype in the market.

Few of the reasons for using Ripple as the best investment today include:

No proof of work is required.

The downside of bitcoin is that it makes use of evidence of work, making it daunting to carry out the transactions continuously. Bitcoin transactions are happening regularly, and therefore the algorithm would take a lot of time to respond and process. It makes the process of using bitcoin hassled. Ripple will make use of ledgers to carry out the transactions. It takes less time to process, and there would be only fewer issues in the design and lesser transaction time.

The value of Ripple is controlled through the centralized company.

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that comes with strengths and weaknesses. Ripple is centralized, but the currency of it is decentralized. No one controls the bitcoin transactions. There would be many problems that you may have to face from the third parties. Bitcoin is not associated with any companies; therefore, fixing the issues would become quite challenging.

On the other hand, Ripple is managed by a centralized group, and it keeps the value highly stable.

Banks use Ripple

Ripple is the best investment that is used by many banks globally. It is not just a cryptocurrency but a protocol that allows you to carry out the transactions safely and securely. The Ripple would be helpful for people to use in various applications. The Ripple is used as an effective payment method to transfer money. It is found to be a safe way to transfer money.


Bitcoins are no longer cheap as it was a decade ago. However, you can get the Ripple coins by paying a small amount. This is the reason why Ripple is going to shake the future. Ripple’s revenue has increased to 28000% in 2017 and would keep on increasing year by year. The best reason for investing in Ripple is that you can reap high returns without spending huge amounts. Though Ripple grows up to 100%, you can earn double profits. People with low investment can invest in Ripple.

A transaction fee is less.

The crypto cost you high. The fee for Ripple is quite less compared to other ways of transferring money. It is the best investment to keep your transaction fee low.


The main reason for using Ripple is to carry out banking transactions safely. Ripple technology is known to be playing a critical role in banking money transfers in the future.

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