Peer to Peer crypto exchange champions Africa in online sessions

The use of various technologies in the field of finance is not new. In fact, this is the sector that keeps on trying new options that can help the users across all the relevant platforms. The latest development in this direction is the use of virtual currency. Now governments of different countries also have started taking actions to accept it and create a complete support system for the usage of the same. The popularity of Bitcoin is increasing across the world, and many market players are excited about the prospects in Africa. They believe that this has the potential to become the new marketplace for cryptocurrency soon.

Considering these factors, some market players are educating traders and investors in Africa about trading in Bitcoins. The peer to peer Bitcoin marketplace Paxful is hosting a series of online classes for the African audience. This is done due to coronavirus pandemic halting all the regular crypto conferences and events across the world. In this way, market enthusiasts have a venue to reach out to potential customers. Those who are new to the use of this currency can learn the ways and means of using it via such classes. It can help this currency to have more and quick use across all the segments.

One hour online sessions

The online sessions will be held for one hour, and some of the best faces of cryptocurrency in this region also attend the seminars. The online sessions are designed in such a manner that it will create awareness about cryptocurrencies among the general public. It will give detailed insights into cryptocurrencies and the way it can impact the future economy of the world. In this way, people who attend the sessions will be able to get some knowledge about Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. This can push them to trade such cryptocurrencies, which will increase the number of participants in this segment.

Empowering cryptocurrencies in Africa

Ray Youssef and Artur Schaback, co-founders of Paxful, conducted the first session, and members who attended the conference were allowed to ask questions related to the sessions. The future of this platform was discussed, and awareness about the potential of cryptocurrencies in Africa was the main point of discussion. The second session provided further insights into the impact of cryptocurrencies on the economic condition of Africa. As the employment options have dried up due to COVID 19 pandemic, this can become an alternate source of income for many people.

Cryptocurrencies for philanthropy

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect every country in the world, there is a growing demand for charitable activities. In this situation, Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies can be used to give back to society and awareness about these concepts in need of the hour. Paxful is also planning to host more seminars in the near future about spreading awareness regarding using cryptocurrencies for various business and charitable activities.

Free of cost sessions

The most notable part about these sessions is that they are conducted by industry experts without any charges. In this way, customers who are even mildly interested in such concepts will attend them, and the awareness about cryptocurrencies will increase by a considerable margin. Customers across Africa are attending such online sessions and gaining useful insights about various cryptocurrencies. Already, South Africa, Ghana, and Kenya have a sizable number of traders and investors in the cryptocurrency market. With such online sessions being held by industry leaders regularly, the number of customers will grow many folds shortly. There are many more markets that are yet being opened for crypto trading.


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